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VARIA Center of Polish Language

Your reasons for staying in Kraków may be various: work, university, love...
And for sure, it won't take you long to realize that the mixture of English and sign language isn't enough. At some point you will need to bargain with a Polish taxi-driver, explain your idea of a “new look” at the hairdresser's or buy a ticket at the railway station…

If you don't want your eloquence to be blocked by an overflow of thoughts and lack of words, come to VARIA Polish Language Center - we will teach you how to communicate in Polish so that you feel at home here in Kraków.

At Varia you will pick up Polish faster than you thought it possible. We have been teaching Polish for 12 years now and rest assured that our experienced and enthusiastic teachers will provide you with high-quality lessons as well as a friendly, ice-breaking atmosphere.
Regardless of your level or age, Varia offers you a variety of course options: group and individual, summer and semester, intensive and weekend, preparing for the state certificate exam and focusing on particular language skills… You choose the frequency and time. We will always find a course suiting your needs.
But language lessons are not everything: Varia also means a great cultural diversity.

Welcome parties as well as farewell ones, Polish movie nights and cooking classes, getting to know Kraków with its most charming corners and alleys.

We want Kraków and the Polish culture to help you become familiar with the Polish language and inspire you to learn.