Perlinale | Paul-Linke Ufer, Berlin-Neukölln


"I design my hats to fit your personality" Ayda Chafik


LH: Where is your inspiration coming from?
Ayda: I started this business because I saw people walking with wrong hats. In my opinion something what you were on the top of your head, should be very individual and unique.

Your head is very important so it should be visible in a special way : )
I design my hats to fit your personality.
Of course it has to suit also to time we are living in, our surroundings, colors of nature. We are part of the whole.
However it is important to keep your style!

LH: How do you choose materials?
Ayda: Like a hunter! Ha, ha , ha ....
It also depends on my mood. My way of seeing the day reflected in what I choose for my hats.

LH: What do you really appreciate in your business?
Ayda: I think people who come to me. They connect with me for the reason. We share something in common, so it is easy for us to talk. They bring their stories from different parts of the world and I like to learn from them as well.

LH: Do you trust your creativity?
Ayda: Yes, but creativity can be very vulnerable. It takes courage to follow it to and exceed your own limits. It needs to remain open to receive and accept any other influences.
To find Ayda go to Berlin flea markets:
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: Flowmarkt: Maybachufer 36, Neukölln District
Sunday: Boxhagener Platz 1, Friedrichshain-District