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Take a flask, pour a bit of destiny, add some creativity, a drop of intuition, and lots of memories.....

"The idea of this jewelry made out of glass with memories inside you can open and smell, comes from special a parfum I used to smell, sometimes on the Ubahn, sometimes in Barcelona, sometimes in Madrid. Doesn't mind where I was, when this parfum was coming to me it brought me back directly the memory of being at my best friend when I was 3 or 4 years old. I could feel it every time I was smelling it on the street.
Then I asked the mother of my best friend which kind of parfum it was. She told me "Iseey Miyake" could be a possibility.
So I went to the parfum shop, I tried it, and it was it. So I said okay I wanna keep it, it's connected to my brain somehow and when I smell it, it makes me feel really happy.
So I started to think about a jewelry where I can keep the smell and bring it with me."

Time for to keep your own memory....