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Rises Delicacies

Valli is a warm and wonderful greek lady, she welcomed me with food and coffee and I have to say it was really lovely to interview her.
Listening to her talking about Greece, about the greek products with so much passion was terrific.
She had this light in the eyes that makes me think : this woman is a hell of a Local Heroes !

When I asked her why she did decide to open a greek delicatessen here in Berlin this is what she replied :

« Behind every product there is a story, I want to show what is hidden.
For me it’s not that I sit here and sell oil and cheese.
No I have to know everything behind, I have to know how this cheese from Crete is made, I have to know what makes it special and so good.
I have to know everything about the oil, it’s not just product without conservative, I have to know the DNA of the oil, I have to know how they take care of the trees, I have to know that it’s collected by hand and cold pressed but colder than usual to reduce the acidity.
I have to know why the wine from Santorini is so special, I have to know everything about the soil there.

I have to know all of it because I wanna share it with my customers.
When you come here it’s not like the supermarket where you feel up your basket and go home.
Here you combine the products with the culture and this is important. »

I think everything has been said right ?
Ha and she also makes brunch on Sunday… I told you LOVELY