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Die Erfindung des Unglücks

"Happiness for me is when I totally forget that there could be goals to achieve. When I am in the moment and feel OK with my own being, when I accept myself and I don't question anything - this is the moment when I am fully present."
Dietmar Lucas


We spend so much time and energy with things which are not here or now. We are asking ourselves where will I be going to go tonight? How will I spend my holidays? Who loves me? Who is not here? What about my finances in 10, 15, 20 years?

Everybody is striving for happiness and nobody is getting there. 

The most common idea of happiness is like being on drugs. When you're on drugs you feel at one with the universe. You feel a big euphoria.
Some of us believe this is what happiness should be just all the time.
I started to look what is behind these ideas. What I found was two motives that navigate our actions. These are the wishes to feel safe and to become happy.

This book is an exploration about why happiness seems so hard to achieve and why we have created so weird and strange a world around us.