Bitte! Coffeehouse & Süsse Griechische Kleinigkeiten | Glogauerstr.6, Berlin-Kreuzberg map Facebook

Bitte! Coffeehouse & Süsse Griechische Kleinigkeiten

“Bitte, let’s go to Bitte!”


Bright and colorful « Bitte ! Coffeehouse» is the perfect cure for winter depression.
Here you can get a touch of sunbathing on a Grecian island

You’ll find there one of the best coffee in town and a yummy Mediterranean food assortment.  Markela and Christina both from Greece designed everything inside. It was for Markela a real chalenge to turn from graphic designer to coffeehouse owner, but she doesn’t feel like changing is life again. She likes to interact with people and learn new stuff everyday. She really enjoys when people stay hours in her caffe that means they’re having a good time and this priceless for her. 

“Bitte, let’s go to Bitte!”