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Franco-German Vesper bar

Originally from France, Maud arrived in Berlin in 2000 to complete her graduation in architectural engineering.

At the same time, she worked as a bartender in several bars and cafés in Berlin, not only out of financial necessity, but essentially out of love for this kind of work.

After her graduation, jobs were rare for a young architect, so she started to feed the dream of having her own restaurant.

In 2009, after 2 months of research, she found the perfect place and opened a bar-gallery called «systM ».

This project went until the end of 2010.

Meeting two new partners opened up a new perspective: together, they created the "Brut" in 2011 .... 

Elegant and cosy, you can easily feel that "Brut" was build with passion by this young team who did everything by themselves: drawing the plan, choosing the materials…
Wooden tables, wooden bar and wooden plates create a delightful ambiance.

Since November 2013, Maud is the sole owner of the bar.

Atmosphere and decoration aren’t the only important points for Maud, quality is too. That’s why she tastes and selects every product she offers herself. The sausages and hams come from a butcher in the Hessian area, the cheese is imported from France and the wines are from small wine growers from both Germany and France.
Add a super friendly staff on top and you get "Brut", a superb Franco-German combination