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Steel Vintage Bikes Café

"It wasn’t meant to be a business. The story of this place started in garage and it grew out of passion."
Alex Bisaliev


I walk along this place at least once a week and every time I look through the window like an intrigued kid.

So one day I stepped in for a coffee. Yes a coffee in a vintage bike store… But from where does this idea come from. It’s with a little light in his eyes that Alex, the owner told me the story. The simple story of a student hobby.

Alex loves bikes and especially old one.The sensations with vintage bikes are for him really intense, vintage bikes don’t respond the same way than modern one. It’s kind of a piece of work to cycle them but that’s exactly what he likes. So he started to buy some vintage bikes, and bikes bars on ebay or news papers and to restore them. After few months his small student room was too full and he had to sell some of them.

It wasn’t meant to be a business but he realized that people were really interested on it. And more generally he noticed that people were bored of buying all the same stuff in big shops, people are now looking for local products, someone to talk to and someone who really loves what he’s selling or doing. So then came the idea to create a new concept, to create a place where people can have a good time, drinking a good coffee, eating yummy antipasti and of course where people can find a wonderful vintage bike.