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No.58 Speiserei

"Everyone asks how we are doing that all the time we have new ideas. and I say I don't know, it comes out spontaneously. When we are cooking together we inspire each other."


Everything started with a regular friends chat… What to do after graduation ? Where to go ?

Sarah was already in love with Berlin but she confessed this day that despite the study she was doing to become a journalist, her real dream was to open a café but didn’t have the  courage to do it alone…This confession made a clic in Teresa head who had actually the same desire. « Why not doing it together » she said… Well, what was at the beginning just a crazy thought became reality. 

Sarah his not a cook but she has a real passion for coffee, cooking and baking. And when we have passion we have everything right ? Her goal was to create a lovely place with yummy healthy food. Everything is gluten free and vegan and of course she tastes all the recipes she creates to be sure you people are gonna enjoy it. 

Don’t ask her where she finds the inspiration to create all this yummy food, she doesn’t know. She just opens the fridge, checks what’s inside and all the ideas pop up… It’s her kind of art. 

The No 58 Speiserei is now her home, the place where she likes to be and each customer is for her a friend, someone who comes to visit and to have a good time in her living room.