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moreHuman Agency

As far as he can remember, Paul has always loved taking pictures.

When he was a little boy he used to pretend to take pictures with an old broken camera.

At 4 his parents offered him a working one, what a wonderfull gift for this little kid who started to make situations with his sister and his friends and snap them.

His passion never left him and a career in this area became obvious. So he decided to study Fine Art Photography.

After his graduation Paul Green travelled in the U.S. He stopped in Las Vegas where he worked at the Little White Wedding Chapel photographing weddings, and at a portrait studio photographing people.

But he quickly realized that something was missing, he wasn’t feeling at his place. Business was the main word here, but what about the humanity?

Leaving America he returned to his home country, Australia, and studied Commercial Photography, finally finishing his professional training by assisting large name photographers in New York and London.

In 2010 he decided to come to Berlin, a place he would quickly think of as his hearts home, where he met and photographed people from the burlesque world. Colorful, vibrant, and fun, Paul loves working with them.

For him these people are real human, they don’t try to hide behind socially correct look. They don’t care about what everyday society thinks, and this is for Paul the real definition of freedom and honesty.

That’s why he decided to create moreHuman Agency. To show the rest of the world that beauty is inside all of us, to show how important it is to accept each other and to simply be moreHuman.