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Yummy gluten free home made Tiramisù

Fabio and Riccardo, Italiani, are true dream makers for your mouth.
Preschool buddies, they have known each other for ever.

After school they took different paths and they left their town Treviso to pursue arts (Riccardo) and scientific research (Fabio). Five years later they decided to reunite and join a common project which would allow them to live and work in their own way. Berlin appears to be the ideal setting for its fresh and youthful vibe.

Why Tiramisù?
Because it was invented in their home town Treviso, the town with anecdotes and customs that are to this day the background for many of theirs conversations and memories.
Because Tiramisù, as its name suggests (it means Pick-me-up in Italiano), cheers and soothes those who eat it.
Because they make it with theirs hands and recipe, developed after a long and never-ending period of accurate research which produced a book dense with all the tricks and secrets they learned and still improve each week.

When discussing their Tiramisù adventure they were standing right next to a gigantic reproduction of the prophet Geremia, made by Riccardo himself as a copy of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in Roma. The prophet seemed to agree so they said: ‘Let’s call it Geremia!’

You can find them and theirs yummy Tiramisù every Saturday at Boxhagenermarkt (Boxhagener Platz)