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Fra Lippo Lippie


Monique Jagroe alias Monie is the brain, hands and love behind fra lippo lippie.

Sick of working in a office, in March 2013 she finally took the decision to to take a long break from everything. She booked a ticket as far away from home as possible and had nothing planned in advance but one place to stay for the first few days when she would arrive in Brisbane.
From then she travelled around and got closer with nature in through this travel that she decided to start eating lovingly and she became a vegan.
But that wasn't enough for her... As she is not the type to chain herself to trees or to go out on the streets to demonstrate, she decided to do something else something she really believes in....

Her dream and her goal with fra lippo lippie is is that vegan and natural ingredients will become the norm as these are best for our skin and show respect for mother earth. Also she wants to inspire other women to do the same. Go for what you love and trust with all your being that you can achieve whatever it is you want.