Socially conscious sneakers.

It's during a backpacking trip around Latin America, while wandering in Cusco's streets, that Armand, Nicolas and Henri discovered sneakers with Inca patterns. Within the following minute, the three childhood friends were already talking about how they could share this product with the world, while integrating their influences to it. Since then they want to propose a product that merges the know-how and authenticity of Peruvian traditions to urban elegance.

Afterwards, they had the chance to meet the association Los Chicos de Cusco with whom they have created the TwoShoesForSchool program: For each pair of sneakers bought, one day of school is supported for a child of the poor suburb of Cusco.

Them sneakers are made in an artisanal factory in Arequipa in South Peru. The team includes 8 people directed by Alexandra and Luis, a 35 year-old couple that has been working in the shoe craftmanship for five years. They participate in all the steps of the fabrication.
The members of the team are all paid between 1000 and 1500 Nuevo Soles, minimum wage in Peru being 750 (NS), for 44 hours of weekly work - legal full-time in Peru - with two days of rest. Luis and Alexandra prepare lunch for everyone everyday.

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