Brands that make the difference



Beside our Local Heroes promotional package we offer the creative service for creating & designing Your Brand.

To be successful you need a fresh brand that makes as much impact as you do!

Creating a brand is like designing your flat or house. You decide about its climate, size, colors and how the rooms are set.

Do you want to have a house similar to your neighbor, or should its form flow from your inner nature and your values? How can the place or brand you create represent you with dignity?

“When being real is your priority, the various parts of your life starts to groove. Your career will begin to reflect your true passion, your living room will match your values, your friends will fit your soul and your wealth – of which there are many definitions – will start to measure up with your notion of freedom” – Danielle LaPorte “Fire Starter Sessions”


Everything starts here with your passion and a right strategy – your purpose is as powerful as your big dream.

Dare to be different – create a brand aligned with your soul.


What goes into crafting a brand?

to make an impact …
means we need to bake a bespoke brand that’s unique to you!

having a clear brand strategy – gives your business strategy
some visual direction – the two need to work together


Phase 1. Strategy + Concept

  • Define Yourself on Your Own Terms – an Interview with you
  • Decide & Declare
  • Profit Plan
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture

Phase 2. Production

  • Brand Imagery
  • Logo
  • Building a RIGHT website
  • Communication plan
  • Marketing funnel

Phase 3. Implantation

  • Brand guidelines
  • Social media
  • Offerings
  • Timeless marketing principles
  • Bonuses

Get a free consultation. Start creating a brand that is unique to you!

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