Local Heroes is an advertising company. We promote small businesses, people who dare to live their passion, who are in favor of good for our planet and are willing to stand out from the blend global market, who dare to be different.

We designed urban system for you to promote your business, your original ideas, your initiatives and events.
For the same reason we are present in social media and in our portal: www.localheroesonline.net.

We believe small entrepreneurship can help fix things and create a positive change for everyone. We believe in people potential.

Our goal is to promote creativity, individuality, small entrepreneurship, tolerance and positive conscious change.

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I’ve begun to cooperate with Local Heroes since the very beginning of this project, in 2007. It is the most effective way of promotion and advertising for my business, and it cuts straight to both groups of my interest - tourists and citizens. The ratio of the cost to the benefit is very satisfying. I’ve seen similar boards with “sticky notes” in the Netherlands, and I have enjoyed them. The idea of promoting unusual and small entrepreneurs’ initiatives is wonderful. Moderate costs makes it affordable for a small existing business owners as well as those who are just beginning.

Tadeusz Stańko

By joining Local Heroes you get:

- Promotion in your city - the printing and distribution of 16,000 individualized cards.
- Promotion on Local Heroes portal
- Promotion through the Local Heroes newsletter
- Promotion in social media network

Do you need more details?

Contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions. We will adjust our offer to your requirements and provide you with a price list of our services.
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