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What is Local Heroes?

Local Heroes was created more than a decade ago in Poland It is a unique system of promotion that works both offline and online. The LOCAL HEROES
is dedicated and serves to promote small entrepreneurs and eco-friendly companies that successfully operate in larger cities and fit into the local landscape.

LOCAL HEROES is a unique concept for unique initiatives and ideas. It supports, promotes and highlights the people who run their business with heart and deep passion. Local Heroes promote social conscious and eco-friendly small businesses, people who are willing to stand out from the blend global market, WHO DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. Those who believe in the balance between life and work and for whom work is a way of expression of dreams and their personality.

In the last ten years, LOCAL HEROES has been appreciated by hundreds of local entrepreneurs. Especially by those who treat their business
activity as a consequence of their values as personal development, independence, creativity, intuition, social consciousness.
These are the values LOCAL HEROES promotes and supports through the system.

How does it work?

LH as a unique channel promotion Offline & Online

LH in the city. We designed modern attractively looking LH Boards. They are placed in dynamic and interesting areas of the city which are
visited by customers who appreciate the unique atmosphere, customized design, custom offer.

Well-exposed LH boards feature cards which promote social conscious and eco-friendly small businesses. LH Boards stand out, encouraging
customers to take cards of their choice as a souvenir, a memory or gifts to share.

LH cards are designed in very simple and elegant style. They display the image of the small business, basic information including website address and sometimes discounts or special promotions.

An integral part of small business promotion in LH system is the online promotional campaign.

Every Local Hero, who is featured on LH boards, also gets internet exposure … at “fan page”, an article on the site and the exposure in LH newsletter. LH offers also premium package with extended promotions in internet using video and audio promo.

Here we have a possibility to talk about authentic human stories, which hide behind every business. Using storytelling convention, we show the magic of creating human values in the business world.

How about you?

Do you have a compelling story to tell us? Would you like to get more visible?
Do you care about our environment, authenticity in business relations, and positive change? What are you passionate about?

Connect, tell your story!

If you are interested in expanding Local Heroes idea to other cities check first here and then contact Tamara Romaniuk, tamara@localheroesonline.net